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How to make a safety ball

T-Ball Tip: Making a “Safety Ball”

You will find that the sock ball will come in handy for many drills. It will also be a favorite of young inexperienced players, young t-ball or softball players because the sock ball is much softer than a baseball. The sock ball is very easy to make. Read more

How to Choose the Right Glove

Choosing the Right Glove

In Tee Ball, the most important piece of equipment is the glove. A glove can have a big effect on a player’s performance.

In baseball glove selection, the number of choices is staggering! Not only are there gloves for specific positions (Catchers glove, 1st Baseman’s glove, Infielder’s, and Outfielder’s glove), gloves come in all types of qualities, sizes and colors. Read more

Choosing the Right Baseball Bat

Choosing the Right Bat

First things first. A great bat will not turn a poor hitter into a great hitter. If the player’s hitting mechanics are all wrong, no bat will help.

While a good bat will not make a player better, a poor bat (or a bat that is not suitable for the player) will be another roadblock to a player’s hitting success.

When choosing a bat, a number of factors must be taken into account. These are the size/strength of the player, the level of skill, the type of bat (material), the bat weight, bat length, barrel size, etc. Today you will find bats designed specifically for Tee Ball, Junior, Little League, Senior League, High School, and College. Read more

Breaking in a Baseball Glove

Breaking-in The Glove

There are as many different methods to breaking-in a baseball or T-ball glove. Some ideas that we at have heard of are quite outlandish. However, the easiest and most effect method we have come across is from Rawlings. Read more

Featured Drill

Featured Drill

Featured Drill